Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sugar Sugar CRASH! Sugar Sugar Sugar CRASH!

The morning started out around 6:45 with some baskets that looked like this... And the Easter Bunny hid them somewhere like this
The kids had fun trying to find them hidden away in the shower. Eden went straight to the cupboard her basket was hidden in last year and noticed that the bunny hadn't left prints everywhere this year like he had last year. And somehow, while Jonathon had been searching for baskets with the kids outside...little purple paw prints appeared on our shower door. ;-)

Well, the morning continued something like this...

Our eyes were just about as puffy as the peeps we were all enjoying
Tex kept getting something stuck in his teeth. I'm not sure what it was, but I found his like this several times.

The kids were having fun running around, filling up on sugar, drawing with their Easter pens, and dancing with their balloons while mom worked hard on a delicious Easter breakfast filled with clown, elephant, and lion shaped waffles, eggs, fresh whipped cream and berries.
Dad had fun showing the kids how to throw a bunny in a parachuteAnd we were all having fun with smiles to spare....until.........


We were finally able to revive their spirits once we got some real food running through their systems.

We made it to church about an hour late, because we didn't want to wake our youngest sugar crashed monster...but we sure looked cute when we got out the door! ;-)

The kids had fun playing on the banister after church...a weekly post church favorite.

And we made it home just in time for another sugary crash thanks to all the yummy treats the kids devoured in their classes.

We had a fun Easter Egg hunt with our neighbor. We were wanting to get together with everyone who lives by us...but they were the only ones home. Lucky for Tex, it happened to be his girly friend. ;-)

Though...she was definitely not impressed with his gum chewing skills.
Ya might want to work on that buddy.


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2 peas from my pod

2 peas from my pod